The World’s Leader in VALYN VISAR Technology and Related Products

Valyn VIP, Inc. – Valyn International Peripherals (Valyn VIP, Inc.) opened it’s doors January 1st, 2001. The goal of it’s owners, Zane Barker and Wendy Barker, is to continue to provide the same excellent equipment and service that customers of Valyn International have come to expect. Valyn VIP, Inc. is now producing all VALYN VISARS, as well as, providing and supplying the peripherals for the VALYN CLASSIC, the VALYN ORB, and the VALYN MULTI-BEAM VISARs. These include the Valyn Probe, the Valyn Multi-Beam Probe and the New Adjustable Multi-Beam Splitter. See our Products page for a complete list.

Sole Source – Valyn International, founded in 1990 by Lynn M. Barker and Valerie J. Barker, was the sole source for the patented “Never Search for Fringes” VALYN VISARs (Velocity Interferometer System for any Reflector). The new sole source supplier for these excellent systems is Valyn VIP, Inc. in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Because of their superior accuracy, broad utility, portability, simplicity and safe fiber optic technology, the VALYN VISARs have become accepted worldwide as the ultimate, world-class, state-of-the-art instruments for shock wave research. The VISARs measure stress-wave profiles in the form of free surface or interface velocity vs. time, with velocity resolution generally better than 1%, and time resolution to about one nanosecond. Acquisition of VALYN VISAR instrumentation greatly increases the shock wave capabilities and the prestige of any research laboratory.

Original Inventor – VISAR instrumentation was originally developed by Lynn M. Barker and R. E. Hollenbach of Sandia National Laboratories (Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA) in 1972 as a greatly improved technique for instrumenting experiments involving shock events.

Innovations – VALYN VISARs incorporate cutting edge technologies which streamline the VISAR — greatly reducing its size and weight, including fiber optic light transport, and adding new innovations patented by VALYN INTERNATIONAL that greatly increase the stability of the VISAR’s interferometer alignment and make the selection of different sensitivities extremely fast and easy. User handbooks provide complete instructions and offer tips on how best to obtain accurate and excellent VISAR data on the first experiment. The VALYN VISAR has received enthusiastic responses from Customers Worldwide — some say they are not accustomed to such precision. The most recent additions to the VALYN VISAR Product Line are the VALYN DOUBLE-DUTY ORB VISAR and the VALYN MULTI-BEAM VISAR.

Unique Features – The features of the VALYN VISARs include the following:

  • All VALYN VISARs come with many sensitivities, each easily accessed in less than a minute.
  • Interferometer fringe alignment is never lost, even after transport of the VISAR or after changing sensitivities.
  • Fiber optics coupled for safety and simplicity.
  • Easily portable for field experiments.
  • Extremely stable interferometer alignment


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