Lynn M. and Valerie J. Barker
Co-Founders of Valyn International

Lynn and Val Barker formed Valyn International in 1990, designing, developing, and marketing instrumentation for those studying Shock Waves in Condensed Materials.

Their most important product, the VALYN VISAR, was developed in late 1994. It was an immediate success, and has evolved into a family of VALYN VISARS, i.e. the CLASSIC, the DOUBLE-DUTY ORB, and the MULTI-BEAM VISARs, which are used world wide.

Lynn and Val are semi-retired, but still do consulting work in shock compression science.

Lynn M. Barker

Lynn M. Barker

  • Graduate Studies, Columbia University
  • Over 45 Years Applied Physics Experience
  • 25 Years, Staff Member, Sandia National Laboratory
  • 16 Years, President, Valyn International
  • Holder of Twelve Patents.
  • Author of 58 Publications in Open Literature

Professional Associations:

American Physical Society

Sigma Pi Sigma
Pi Mu Epsilon
Phi Beta Kappa
Sigma Xi

  • Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff, Sandia National Laboratories, 1983
    Among the first group of fifty selected to receive the new award.
  • Exceptional Contribution Award, Sandia National Laboratories, 1987
    “For research on the phenomenon of surface gouging due to hypervelocity sliding contact of metallic materials.”
  • Fellow, American Physical Society, 1996
    “For contributions to shock wave physics, particularly for development of new instrumentation techniques for shock wave studies such as VISAR, and to the understanding of shock wave propagation in condensed matter.”
  • Shock Compression Science Award, American Physical Society, 1999
    “In recognition of his outstanding contributions to the temporal measurement and interpretation of nonlinear physical processes in shock-compressed matter.”
Valerie J. Barker

Valerie J. Barker

  • Graduate, Highland High School
  • Over 25 Years Experience, Business Management and Technical Sales
  • 3 Years, Office Manager, Chavez, Ortega, & Robins
  • 8 Years, Marketing Manager, Fractometer Test Systems, Terra Tek, Inc.
  • 16 Years, Chief Executive Officer, and Director, Worldwide VALYN VISAR Sales, Valyn International
  • Presentation, “A Quarter Century’s Development in VISAR Instrumentation for Shockwave Research,” by L.M and V.J. Barker, 48th Meeting, Aeroballistic Range Association, Austin, TX, November, 1997
  • Author, Publisher, Marketer – Whole Grains Cook Books

Past Professional Associations:

  • American Physical Society
  • Southwest Writer’s Guild
  • American Society for Testing and Materials, Member and Liaison, E24 and B09 Committees, helped standardize two ASTM Standard Methods of Test for Chevron-Notch Short Rod Fracture Toughness, 1982 – 1990
  • St. John’s Episcopal Cathedral, Howden Guild, Vice-President, 1985 – 1987
  • St. John’s Episcopal Cathedral, President, Women of Cathedral, 1971 – 1972
  • American Business Women’s Association, El Segundo Chapter, Charter Member, Ways and Means Chairman, and Treasurer, 1961 – 1964


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